HELIOS Dr. Horst Schmidt Kliniken Wiesbaden

Administrative Support

The International Office (HIO) offers guidance for international patients, before, during, and after their treatments, and serves as a contact partner for internal and external interest groups, such as chief physicians, secretarial offices, and embassies. During a stay at the HELIOS Dr. Horst Schmidt Kliniken, all of the organizational and communication channels are established and the treatment processes steered to ensure that the patient is provided with an overall care experience that is appropriate and satisfying.

Our service:

  • guidance for international patients, before, during, and after their treatments if possible in the patient‘s mother tongue
  • Processing of requests in in close collaboration with the competent doctors/departments and und preparation of a diagnostic/treatment plan for the patient
  • Preparation of a preliminary quotation in English, Russian or German
  • Translation of the medical reports into English or Russian, other languages on request
  • procurement of interpreters
  • If needed: Transfer between the clinic and the airport and assistance with hotel reservations
  • If necessary: support for obtaining visas, through an invitation for treatment in the clinic


HELIOS International Office Wiesbaden

Pierre Bachour

Tel: 0611 577-485

Fax: 0611 577-397


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